• Hedge Laying at Langley Mead

    Over the winter months the Ranger has been laying the next section of hedge through the middle of Great Millworth field.


    Hedge-laying is becoming a lost art as machinery has taken over the management of our hedgerows and there are less farm staff on our farms to do this kind of work. It is also very time consuming as some regular visitors to the site will have noticed!


    The hedge has been layed in an attempt to encourage new growth which will improve the health and longevity of the hedgerow. If it were left managed by tractor and flail the hedge would have grown tall, thin and woody eventually leading to it dying out, therefore losing valuable habitat for nesting birds, insects and small mammals.


    The ranger will collect all the loose brash that was cut out and take it away. The hedgerow will then be fenced so the cattle that graze Great Millworth field won’t eat or trample over the newly layed hedge.


    The last section of standing hedge will be done later on in the year when environmental laws say we can resume hedge and tree work (this being the 1st September to the 28th of February).


  • Tree Planting with 1st Shinfield Scout Group

    In November, 1st Shinfield Scout group braved the blustery cold weather to come to Langley Mead to assist the Ranger in planting some new Oak trees. The Oaks were being replaced as they unfortunately didn’t make it through the hot summer. This was a great opportunity for the Cubs and Beavers to gain some badges, such as working in the local community and to leave a lasting legacy in this newly created nature reserve. It was great to see so many youngsters come and help out.


    The newly planted hedgerows and trees have been created to enhance the ecological value of the area, attracting lots of birds and wildlife.

Please call us on 0800 028 5485 to report any incidents at Langley Mead to the Ranger

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